Free shipping on USA retail orders of $100 or more.
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Shipping Information

Whimsy Stamps Postage and Handling Rates and Information

Effective January 23, 2023

United States and Military APO  - retail orders only
Up to  $25.00                             $4.99
$25.01 - $60.00                         $6.99
$60.01 - $99.99                          $8.99
Over $100                                     FREE! 

Canada  - retail orders only
Up to $25                                   $11.99
$25.01 - $75                              $13.99
$75.01 - $100.00                      $16.99
$100.01 - $199.99                    $19.99
$200.00 - $500.00                 $50.00 - priority mail or UPS
$500.01 - $750.00                 $75.00 - UPS
$750.01 - $1000.00         $100.00 - UPS
$1000.01 - $2000.00       $150.00 - UPS
Over $2000.01                   custom rates apply

All Other International Destinations - retail orders only
Up to $25                                  $13.99
$25.01 to $75.00                     $18.99
$75.01 - $149.99                      $23.99
$150.00 - $200.00                  $29.99
$200.01 - $350.00                  $70.00 - UPS
$350.01 - $600.00                  $90.00 - UPS
$600.01 - $1250.00                $135.00 - UPS
$1250.01 - $1750.00              $175.00 - UPS
$1750.01 - $2500.00              $225.00 - UPS
$2500.01 - $4000.00             $35o.00 - UPS
Over $4000.00                        custom rates apply


The United States Postal Service provides our shipping needs, we use First Class and Priority mail. Shipping charges are applied to each order and those charges are based on order total and final destination of each order. All USA and most international orders are assigned a tracking number provided by the USPS and these numbers can be tracked through the USPS at 

Once tracking indicates a package has been delivered it is the responsibility of the customer to claim the package. Whimsy Stamps is not responsible for replacement of any packages which have been stated as "delivered" by USPS. If your package states "delivered" and you believe you have not received it, please contact your local delivery office to file a claim. 

If your package has not been delivered and tracking indicates it is still in route to the destination, but it's been more than 2 weeks for a USA delivery or 8 weeks for an international delivery, please contact us so we may file a claim with the US postal service.

Whimsy Stamps is happy to ship to most international destinations, however we are not responsible for any additional custom duties and/or taxes due on packages sent to international addresses. Our shipping and handling charges do NOT include any customs duties or tax pre-payments unless you have been charged VAT at checkout. We can not advise customers on these fees. If you have questions please contact your local shipping office to inquiry about specific duties charges and/or taxes. Whimsy Stamps must declare all contents on customs declaration forms including value of goods and amount paid by customers and it will be declared as merchandise not a gift. To see shipping times by country, please visit the USPS at

Please be advised that international shipments do take on average 2 to 4 weeks to arrive, however some shipments can take as many as 8 weeks to arrive to final destinations. Shipping times depend on how long packages are held in customs.  If you are waiting on a delivery and it has been longer than 8 weeks since the ship date, please contact us at You can also track packages at using the tracking number provided at the time of shipment.

Whimsy Stamps is not affiliated with the United States Postal Service and cannot guarantee the delivery times stated by the USPS. Once your order has left our possession, it is in the hands of the United States Postal Service and we are not responsible for it's handling, delivery, or route taken for delivery.  Delivery times can be affected by inclement weather and Sunday/Holiday closures.